Games of the Past



Teachers can bring history to life by engaging students in games of the past. Many of the games use the forces of nature, which can tie science to the activity.

Activity Plan for Games Around the World

Materials List:

Eggs in a Spoon:                Hard Boiled Eggs (6)

                                           Serving Spoons (6)


Go Fly a Kite:                      Thin paper squares 7˝ x 7˝


                                           Strong String, 3-yard lengths


Hopscotch                           Chalk or Painter’s tape

                                           Hopscotch Diagram

                                           Hopscotch bean bag or stone


Jacks                                  Jacks set

                                     Jacks score sheet


Marbles                                13 marbles and 1 shooter

                                      Marbles Diagram


Maize Doll:                          Corn leaves, green (8 per student)

                                           String, 1 yard long

                                           Cotton balls


Marble Shoebox                  cardboard box

                                            score card

                                            10 marbles


SPUD:                                  Inflated Ball

                                Letters S  P  U  D  (1 set per student)


Whitsun Bird:              Bird Pattern

       Stiff White paper 8˝ x 5 ¾˝

                                           Crepe Paper 5˝ x 4˝

                                           Soft white paper 2” x 4”

                                           String 12˝ long (25)

                                           Hole Punch


Whistle:                          Medium weight cardboard 5˝ x 2˝

                                           Whistle pattern

Activitiy Plans:

         Eggs in a Spoon



         Maize Dollies

         Marble Shoebox


         Turtle Race


         Whitsun Bird

         Go Fly a Kite


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